Macro Photography Mockup

It's not an actual Macro Photography of Artwork, it's a Mockup



First impression is always one of the key factors of getting the job done. Presenting an artwork in a professional way is a way to make sure you’d get a good impression of your clients.

This Macro Photography Mockup turns a simple image to a detailed macro photography shot in perspective angles an also on retro papers. If I have artwork, images or even a document, I’d be able to get a focused shot of its details in a few seconds.

It’s just like I have a SLR Camera with a neat Macro lens, say a 85mm F1.2 and taking macro shots of a paper containing my artworks or even a detail shot of a paragraph of a document I need to focus on.  In that case I just have to focus my camera on paper and take shots of it in any angle I like. BUT  it’s obvious  not everyone have that equipment and know-how to do that, so this Macro Photography Mockup do the exact same job so much easier for me. I  just need to Paste the image, change the position and instantly get a photo-realistic shot of the image details in three different angles in 3 different papers. it’s really great. you should give it a try.


Try this Logo closeup mockup in the link below and enjoy the great macro mockup result.

Download From izzymedia

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